Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Symmetric Power Supply +35V and -35V Project

A symmetric power supply is needed when we make project about amplifier. Like an amplifier in sound system, it needs a symmetric power supply to operated. Here, we will construct a simple power supply circuit which result the output voltage is +35V and -35V.

This is the schematic and part of components

This project need a center-tap transformer, I recommend to use 3A transformer for good performances, 35 Amp of Diode Bridge for good rectifier, and 4700uF/50V Capacitor (If voltage of capacitor lower than output voltage, the capacitor will be explode, higher is better).
So this circuit is very simple, with 4 components you can construct a symmetric power supply.
NB:Be careful in the installation of components and wiring.

This is a proof of above project.

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